Current route planning: 14:00 Start at Kurfürstendamm (U Uhlandstr.) – Kurfürstendamm – Tauentzienstraße – Kleiststraße – Nollendorfplatz – Bülowstraße – Potsdamer Straße – Potsdamer Platz – Ebertstraße – Platz des 18. März – Straße des 17. Juni to Großer Stern End 22:00


This is the summer of the great return of the legendary love parade which goes now under the name of Rave the Planet, The parade will happen on the 9th of July and will have the attendace of about half million people. RTP is a peaceful demonstration, calling for the recognition and preservation of our beloved electronic music culture, celebrating equality and inclusivity between humans of all genders and and nationality. Disconnekt and Gegen, are collectives active in the electronic music scene since many years, joining forces on a project to build a truck of the weight of 18tn which will run through the entiere parade hosting 200 people including international and local electronic music acts and performers.

For the development of the illustrations, Andrea Bolzo (queer illustrator) was inspired by the meaning of the words Gegen and Disconnekt, on how it pushes their community to stand out and go against the society that tries to suppress them. The main goal was to give birth to many genderless creatures, aliens, exactly how the society perceives us, in order to destroy all binary systems and highlight our gender fluidity.

There are clear references on how the new fashion collections are contaminated by fetish elements that characterise our kinky parties and how the underground culture is often commodified as a haute couture design.
This imaginary is meant to embrace creatures of all colours, genders, sexualities, universes, shapes and sizes, enjoying what they have created from the bottom throughout the music and sharing this culture with the rest of the world.
We are queer, that’s why we’re here!

illustration courtesy of Andrea Bolzo
graphic design by Laurence Chevillat


Bloody MaryCristian MarrasEsther DuneFlavia LausGysèle | Jean-PhilippeLA SchmockMar/usMetaraphMike StarrOCDSamantha TogniStallo | VSKXiorro

Bast | Davide Iaco | Diana Kleimenova | Jade Lee

CEZMark Luis  

Join our Telegram group for advance reduced tickets and more information.


︎Buy float tickets HERE
︎Reduced tickets will be available via Telegram
︎Please remember that we have a very limited capacity, the price of the ticket will be 100€ and will allow us to cover only part of the costs for making this happen.
︎For this reason, we kindly invite anyone who cannot join but still want to support our cause, to help us reach our goal through GoFund.me 


︎We would like to remember you that this is a non-profit event and all personnel are volunteers. For this reason we are actively looking for partners and sponsorships who want to join our cause and support us financially throughout this journey. Contact us if you want to get in touch.


︎LOCATION DETAILS: Meeting point is at 13:30 at Kurfüsterdamm (U-Uhlandstr.) Truck n.2 The parade will start at 14:00, so don’t be late! Arrive with the metro as the city streets will be all closed. We cannot wait for anyone as it’s a strict schedule
︎We have everything you need on board, drinks and food for purchase and toilets and of course an amazing line up! If at any point you want to jump off our float, this can only be done at stopping points. Please discuss this with the person responsible at the loading platforms.
︎Its really important that you are punctual/on time at the meeting point
︎As you know during large events the mobile phone coverage will be nonexistent, this means we have no way of being in contact with you.
︎Please make sure you have your QR code ready to scan on arrival
︎Please do not bring any food or drink on board as we will ask you to leave it at the meeting point
︎We want to stay as sustainable and free of rubbish as possible, if you can bring your own drinking cup with you that can be reused throughout the day this would be amazing and you will always know which cup is yours
︎Please bring change for any bar purchases, please do not arrive with large notes of 100 or 200 euros as we may not be able to give you any change. No card payment facility will be available.
︎There is a possibility that ARTE TV will be doing a live stream from our float, this will be of the DJs and all of us ravers on board. This means if you do not wish to be filmed to please stay on the lower deck. As it’s a live stream, they can not edit anything that goes public, so please keep this in mind with whatever you are doing.
︎There is some rain forecasted for the moment, but we hope this will blow over in the next few days, but you may want to bring an umbrella with you. I am sure you all know what the Berlin summer is like so please also bring sunscreen.
︎Remember this is an event about unity, so any behavior that is against our guidelines could mean that you will be asked to step off board.
︎Safety of our Ravers on board and those around us in the crowds is extremely important, please do not throw anything off the float into the crowd.
︎There is limited space on the float, please do not arrive with large backpacks and keep your personal belongings limited.
︎We still have some tickets available on our float, so invite your friends! https://ra.co/events/1545933
︎There is an after party happening at Suicide Circus, if you would like to join this, please reserve your ticket here: https://ra.co/events/1554489













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