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Addiction is this pervasive feeling where the naturalisation of self-abuse is performed in a compulsive way until you can’t live without it. There is a subtle line in which pleasure and pain mix each others up. This is the moment of revelation in which one recognizes her/his beautiful nothing and the demagogies around false myths of pure independency, total freedom and full self-determination. Using our own addictions as genealogies, meta-ouija boards, is the only step forward the tendency of liberation. This is why Gegen happens every two months, renovating an independency from scenes rules. We love to live the choice of being absent, reverse need in desire, feel the tension, the escalation, the rising, the countdouwn, fever, buying make-up, masturbate, burn, love, clash and explode with a connecting vision. Where you loose control by deciding it, then your are GEGEN.
Being addicted to GEGEN is being

Concept courtesy of Warbear
Grafic and video by Stefan Fähler


To avoid long waiting times and queuing at the door, we would like to ask you for some cooperation in order to let you access the club quicker and let us work fast
The cloakroom demands most of the time – this is why it would be fantastic if you could help us

1. The Wardorbe is Free. Please hang up your clothes by yourself. You will find coat-hangers in big clothes baskets on the LEFT SIDE, right after the entrance door.

2. You MUST leave your jacket/ overcoat in the cloakroom. Preferably also hand in your sweater/ pullover – the club is very well heated!

3. Hang up your sweater/ pullover on a coat-hanger and put your jacket/ overcoat over it. Please DO NOT CRAM anything into the sleeves!

4. Please store your valuables safely and make sure you close all pockets on your garments well. Please also zip, button, etc. your jacket/ overco