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           Gegen Showcase

Sa. 25 January 2020 | SchwuZ

All genders welcome!

Our friends from Gegen Berlin, the beloved party at KitKat, visits SchwuZ with their resident djs. This will be a beautiful mess!

"This is why we invite you to be GEGEN by performing your psychosis, by being the enemy of yourself, by thinking and being out of b/order and by destroying every rational thought."

You like it playful? You like it it clean? Wanna dance all night? Wanna take someone(s) home with you? We don't know what kind of night you want. We at BUTTCOCKS only provide the space and the opportunity for you to have exactly what you want. What it is may remain your secret. We won't tell, promise. It doesn't matter if you wanna pop it up with our residents Gloria Viagra and Jacky-Oh Weinhaus, techno it down, house it on both sides of your soul, play it by ear, with your mouth or anything else you can think of. When you're done dancing, Tristan Rehbold Techno-Darkroom is where you wanna move next. For insparation we provide erotic entertainment by the BUTTCOCK-ballet and artwork by BUTTCOCK-resident-dirty mind Matthias Panitz. Get offline and get off at Schwuz! Get buttcocked with us.


Lady Maru


Mike Starr
Leonard De Leonard

Kinky Pop

Jacky-Oh Weinhaus
DJ Simon LaCoste


Buttcocks Ballet
a performance by FlaminGogos


GoGo Boys & Girls


Matthias Panitz

Video: Florian Tenk
Music: "Better together" -  Leonard De Leonard
Our House RulesWe want you and our other guests to feel comfortable with us, regardless of gender, religion, class or sexual orientation. Our most important rule is: No means no, treat your fellow human beings with respect. SchwuZ is not a place for discrimination, sexual harassment or violence. If you still behave in a negative way, it won't take long for our guest service to show you the door. However, if you should observe or experience an inappropriate situation, you don't have to deal with it on your own. Please don't hesitate to contact any of the staff at the bars/coat check, guest service or our door crew. Here's looking forward to a peaceful and fun night with you all.

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