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Fr. 3rd of January | Kit Kat Club

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︎ Concept

Why not simply focus on your own desire? Free yourself from all the things and people that prevent your own thrill?
The hedonistic formula promises exactly that: For each and every one the greatest possible desire! Narcissism rules! However, this logic, which is aimed at one' s own fun, ultimately reflects the ongoing trend towards being apolitical. Why fighting for new forms of living when you can enjoy individual liberty? Why change something when it feels that good to be upset about everything that doesn't work in this world? Someone else will have to solve the problem, someone else that is responsible.
It's about the in-/ability to feel comfortable with one's own the ability to act. So why not develop your own norms and protect the self from an excessive individualization? It is tempting to build up your own moral framework, to do everything right and to act according to your own set of rules. Now that you are the only one who knows how to do things right, you can also ask others to obey these rules. This self-righteousness is rooted in a deep-seated insecurity. It is the fear of not being able to deal with value systems other than one's own. It is the fear of having to give up one's own carefully crafted reality.
Perhaps one must instead learn to appreciate oneself as a multiple self, as a contradictory self that does not stand in opposition to others but builds relationships with others. What do practices look like that transform that self instead of reaffirming it or imposing certain rules on it? How can one create a "self" that is interpersonal and collective? Or one which can live without the anthropocentric fable according to which all that is not human must serve human selfishness? Find ways to overcome your and our self!

Concept courtesy of Mirko Winkel
Grafic by Stefan Fähler

Video teaser by Alessandra Leone

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