Leonard De Leonard

Trying to file artists under labels, may it be by genres or activities, is an understandable shortcut for efficiency. But with Berlin-based French musician Leonard de Leonard, you might find yourself in a slump. For over two decades now a producer, a sound designer, a label founder, a remixer, an international DJ, a party organiser, Leonard de Leonard has piled up an impressive work body traveling all over the board both solo and in collaborations, from techno with Florian Meindl or La Fraicheur, House with Funkstörung’s Chris De Luca or Humantronic, Slow Dark Indie Dance with Andrew Claristidge or Rodion, Italo Disco House with Hard Ton and Electro Hip Hop with Maxx Stoyanoff Williams from The Goats. With all of them and in his personal work, he’s been using his signature full and spacious sound originating in his unconditional geek love for the countless analog gear and modular synths his studio was filled over the years.

Performance: DJ
Home Base: Berlin, DE 
Style: House


Links: Facebook / Resident Advisor


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