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Franzüss (Francesco Ciardo) is an Italian multimedia artist, art-director, DJ, musician and writer. From the mid ´90s he explored video-art and indie rock music, continuing to write essays-poetry, short novels and screenplays. In ´97 has produced and directed the short movie “Diana´s Bath” from Pierre Klossowsky’s same name novel. Has always explored music with voice, guitar and drums, as a solo singer or in small bands. From 2002 to 2005 has directed and written articles and short stories for the italian culture magazine MIRO. After this experience as editor, he finally arrived to electronic club culture organizing illegal raves in Italy from 2003 to 2006, becoming a drum and bass selector for Linux Club, he then arrived to electro and techno while still living in Rome and producing parties for ESC Atelier, a squatted space in San Lorenzo. From 2006 is stable in Berlin creating and producing parties such as Sabotage Berlin (2007-2010), created together with Fabio Boxikus / XIK, an event which made literally explode the queer culture all over the German capital and setting the standard for many queer parties to come. Actually is one of the residents of Gegen Berlin, he´s always writing poetry and taking care of his plants, in the beloved Kreuzberg36.

Performance: DJ
Home Base: Berlin, DE
Style: Techno


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