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Fabio Boxikus, aka XIK, founded in the 2007 together with Francesco Ciardo, the queer techno underground event “Sabotage Berlin”, where he also started his carrier as video artist, maintaining a political profile deployed towards the gender issue. This made him travel, been hosted in different events in Europe, like Behind Bars (London), Les Fatales (Barcelona), Phag Off (Rome), Queer Festival (Warschaw) and so on. Since January 2011, together with Francesco Macarone Palmieri aka Warbear, grounded the event “Gegen Berlin”, becoming one of the most representative queer event in the city.
Recently Boxikus began his career as a dj with the name of XIK. From 2014 to 2017 he co-produced the "Drone" music-noise and industrial event. He also performed in venues like EGG London, Elektrowerkz London, Griessmuehle Berlin, Pal Hamburg, LÄRM Budapest, Jack Amsterdam, Cassero Bologna, Mattatoio Rome, Whole Festival and many more.

Performance: DJ
Home Base: Berlin, DE
Style: Techno


Links: Soundcloud / Mixcloud / Facebook / Resident Advisor


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