With hypnotising melodies and military-grade basslines at the forefront of his musical universe, Berlin-based DJ Mar/us transports dancefloors to a magical place where freedom of expression knows no bounds.

Born in Romania but brought up in Italy, Mar/us is heavily influenced by the euphoric vibe of 90's music that he grew up around. His love for music evolved over the years, and catalysed an addiction to the hypnotic properties of Techno.

He began playing a mix of the city's most high profile clubs, as well as the more underground venues that the eternal city has to offer. After experimenting various musical scenes, he embraces the underground and queer reality which will guide him straight to Berlin and led him climb in the consoles of the most important parties and clubs worldwide, like Suicide Circus, Tresor, Egg London, Aboutblank, Red Light Radio and festivals such as Whole | United Queer Festival.

Now a resident DJ at Berlin’s in*famous 'Gegen', his ever-evolving style and arsenal of hard-hitting techno beats guarantees a journey through the darker, nether regions within themselves. Mar/us thrives on this idea evoking an esoteric sense of transportation, letting his audience be guided by his collection of electronic vibes.

Mar/us has now started to put his own musical imprint on the music that he has dedicated so many years to. His debut release, a remix of Oliver Deutschmann's 'Wach', is set to be released the 22nd of January 2021 on Berlin-based label Gegen. Further release details to follow.

Performance: DJ
Home Base: Berlin, DE
Style: Techno


Links: Facebook / Resident Advisor

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