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Lady Maru 


Started producing music in 1994 with an electric guitar, some toy percussions and a tascam 4- track recorder. Since then, she has been playing in no wave post punk bands with electronic devices, 2 acts still touring and releasing music.
She started djing in Rome in 2003 for clubs and open parties that slowly grew. Her sound has always varied between harder techno, deeper techno and general underground sound... loved especially for her sometimes over 135 bpm dynamic hardtechno dj sets.
At the moment she is working as a dj in the weekends and producing tracks, willing to finish an acid live act and a label for underground techno acid tunes.
She was resident at Amigdala party, a techno night that works and has worked in the best roman clubs and "interesting new" spaces (past Goa Club, Animal Social Club , now Rashomon, Rampa Prenestina) ,and she is resident at U-Kabarett, a techno night mixed with live performances and for some afterhours in the eastern part of the city.

Performance: DJ
Home Base: Rome, IT
Style: Techno


Links: Facebook / Resident Advisor


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