DE | Berlin Center For LGBTI Refugees |
| Schwulenberatung Berlin

A highly professional and skilled team of doctors, educators, health scientists, pedagogues, psychologists, psychotherapists, social scientists and social workers, administrators, as well as many volunteers and freelancers, some of them with a migration or refugee background.


DE | Zentrum für Migranten, Lesben und Schwule (MILES)

MILES offers psychosocial and legal counselling as well as support for LGBTIQ* refugees and people with migration biographies, people who identify as LGBTIQ* BIPoC and their relatives.



They offer help for victims of homophobic violence and/or hate crimes (visit the website of their project MANEO for details).
Counselling on: coming out, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI), gay life in general,
relationship issues, drug addiction, anonymous tests for HIV and other STI and much more.


Monkeypox Virus (MPX)

Protect yourself and protect your community.
Here you have a list where you can request your vaccine in Berlin


Funds for LGBTQAI+ victims of Beirut's explosion

The Beirut explosion of August 4th left 100+ dead, 5.000+ injured & 300.000+ homeless.
The explosion is considered to be the 3rd largest explosion in the history of the human race.
It came during the corona pandemic & the worst economical crisis in the history of the country.
The Lebanese government has consistently failed at aiding the Lebanese people, who are left to fend for themselves.


LGBTQIA+ Resources for Healthcare Providers, Clients, and Families

A long list of LGBTQIA+ resources that goes from gender issues to legal advisory and education.


CYPHER SEX | A digital security guide for sex workers

To protect yourself against stalking or outing, to help you choose a name, how to stay anonymous  on the www and many other tips to work safely.


DE | HYDRA - Treffpunkt und Beratung für Prostituierte

Hydra’s basic and central demand is for sex workers and their rights to be respected and protected like (those of) any other persons. In order to reach this goal, Hydra believes it is crucial to end social stigma, which is the basis of all violence against sex workers, of the discrimination they face, of paternalising and silencing discourses and practices, of exclusion and of unfair treatment.


QTIBIPOC Therapy Fund Berlin

We are currently in the middle of a global pandemic. The QTIBIPOC* community’s access to live a self-determined life and co-exist in Berlin under the same conditions as their fellow civilians are more challenging than ever.
Among others, the QTIBIPOC* community tend to be more isolated from their families, unemployed or homeless and only find limited points of contact to improve their situation, which puts an enormous strain on their mental health. For this reason, we are creating this fundraiser to raise 2.000€ to pay for therapy sessions for 5 people over 18+ to assist them in pursuing a stable and healthy life.


Counselling Center for Women* in Berlin

They offer advice from, and for, women* in many different crisis and problem situations. They also run an Anti-Stalker project to help if you feel bothered, harassed or threatened. Their consultants* are on your side and you are subject to regulatory or statutory confidentiality without exception. 


EU | Abolish current anti-LGBT laws and protect LGBT people in Poland, call the EU to intervene

The LGBT community in Poland suffers from homophobia and transphobia fueled by politicans, religious and secular leaders and the lack of protective laws makes them scared of living in their own home country. We demand the polish government to take action against homophobia and to pass laws that would protect LGBT people in schools, workplaces and the public and to abolish current homophobic and transphobic laws like the "LGBT-free zones" and the proposed "ban on propagating the LGBT ideology" which is a form of censorship similar to Russia's. We also want to call the European Union to take action and to stop ignoring the violations of human rights happening in it's member nation.


Understanding non-binary pronouns:

‘We have created language that fits our truth’


Berlin Gegen Nazis

Since 2014, BERLIN GEGEN NAZIS has been keeping people in Berlin up to date on creative ways of getting involved in the protest against right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism. BERLIN GEGEN NAZIS is a platform mobilizing and informing a continuously growing network of more than sixty partners from the full spectrum of contemporary arts, culture, economics, sports, children’s and youth services, unions, non-profits, and charities, self-organized migrant’s initiatives and their protagonists and alliances.


| Solidarity Funds for Refugee Women Group in Berlin-Brandenburg

This solidarity fund supports refugee women living in Berlin and Brandenburg and who work with the self-organized group Women in Exile. These women are severely affected by the shutdown of vital services caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.


| Covid-19 Creative Healing Fundraiser

Reuniting of African Descendants (R.O.A.D) is partnering with Black Trans Femmes in the Arts  (BTFA) to support Black queer, trans and non-binary creatives and entrepreneurs  that have been disproportionately impacted by the COVD-19 health crisis. #BlackTransArtisHealing


Suggest a resource

If you’re aware of a LGBTQIA+ resource that can help spread awareness and understanding of queer issues aspects , we'd love to hear about it.



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