Flavia Laus 


Dirty drums meets hypnotic patterns in fast paced rhythm which encapsulates true rave atmosphere and ecstatic freedom.

Italian born, Flavia Laus began her musical journey in childhood by singing and experimenting with her voice, which gave her the first push to develop musical skills.
Growing up, the strong connection with electronic music pushed her to discover the art of DJing and soon began playing at the local club scene where she developed her musical taste and skills behind the decks.

After a period of performances, she felt the need to express herself in the studio studying electronic music production and experimenting with analog and digital synthesisers. Inspired by 90's old school tracks and constantly influenced by solid driving contemporary Techno, her sound is a perfect mix between acid lines, hypnotic melodies, swirling patterns and strong dirty grooves, a dynamic journey which moves the best of crowds on a regular basis.

Currently living in Berlin, Flavia is active in the local underground scene, where she performes in different iconic clubs as Tresor, Wilde Renate, Griessmuehle and more.

Performance: DJ
Home Base: Berlin, DE
Style: Techno


Links: Soundcloud / Instagram / Facebook / Resident Advisor


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