Aida Arko

Aida Arko is an electronic music Producer, DJ, label owner and resident at ‘Grelle Forelle’.

She is one of the hottest upcoming names in the techno scene. A promising hard edge artist who is representing her generation through a dark percussive industrial tribalesque groove which grinds its way through the airiness of experimental sound- scapes. With strong continues appearances on the mighty Soma records, Suara, Elements and many other well respected labels, as well as a game changing remix of the iconic track ‘Ghost  Stories’ by Rebekah, she has shown no sign of slowing down.

Having grown up in Iran in the 1990s, Aida was influenced by the Persian under-ground scene, as well as the wealth of cultural and musical heritage of her home country.
As a former biology student, she left the academy in pursuit of her real passion : Performance and music. Therefore she left the country in search of her teenage dreams, starting off working with a circus in Dubai and from there touring and traveling globally with a number of teams, performers, and infamous circus shows for several years.

After a life changing journey around the globe, she found her base in Austria in 2016 and turned her years of artistry experience, focusing solely on music, organizing her own events, promoting, djing, working countless hours in the studio letting music to lead her path

Performance: DJ
Home Base: Vienna, AT 
Style: Techno, Hard-Techno


Links: Facebook / Instagram

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