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     Gegen >< Mutation  

Fr. 6th of September | Kit Kat Club

︎ Concept

Mutants* are the puking monsters in the era of self-optimization.
Just as "natural selection" and marriage policy once had to guarantee genetic and economic success, evolution design now extends to your own life span. Whether through genetic tests, fetoscopy, earlobe reduction or gym, whether through biohacking or socially required self-perfection. The expansion of apparent biological limitations is particularly popular in the LGBTIQ community.
But the individual reasons for the alteration of one's own body are quite diverse: wanting to liberate oneself from the tiresome visual and hormonal two-gender hegemony pursues a different logic than merely being dissatisfied with one's own body features or even having to conform to external pressures of a certain aesthetic ideal. Nevertheless, all these ego transformations aim at the fulfillment of a defined idea of what the self is or should no longer be. In contrast, a MUTATION has no predefined result at all. You don't even know if it occurs at all, and when it does, you often don't know how it will express itself, whether it makes you sick or happy. It has no intention. MUTATION can be understood as a radical practice of possibilities in which our bodies realize unforeseen futures through uncontrollable chemical combinations. They force us to incorporate a non-determined future, to experience social institutions as sites of randomness and to disrupt our expectations towards ourselves. Embrace these hopeful monsters. Be a biopunk and show us your mutations.
Gegen Mutation.

Concept courtesy of Mirko Winkel
Grafic by Stefan Fähler
Video teaser by Alessandra Leone

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